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Regardless of whether you are going on your 1st trip to London or your 10th it is always an exciting place to visit.

Prior to your trip, it’s really worth your while to invest some time in preparing which points of interest you’d like to see as well as exploring your possible transportation choices.

7 Seater Car Hire Heathrow Airport

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London Tourism

The Tower of London is among the city’s most prominent landmarks. It is known as a castle of imprisonment, torture, and execution but it has also been a Royal Palace and a fortress. Kensington Palace was the birthplace of Queen Victoria and also the main residence of William the 3rd and Mary the 2nd.

Today’s it’s referred to as the former home of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. Exhibits honoring the People’s Princess are a must-see.

London Tourist Attractions

Located in Regent’s Park, the London Zoo is home to more than twelve thousand animals and has exhibits such as Meet the Monkeys and Butterfly Paradise.

Windsor Castle is the house of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd and continues to be the official residence of Kings and Queens for now more than nine hundred years making it the oldest continually occupied castle within the world.

The population of London is hugely varied and an estimated three hundred languages are spoken by its inhabitants. Those inhabitants amount to around seven and a half million in the city and boroughs and a total of twelve million within the metropolitan areas combined.

London was the largest region in the world by populace in the 19th century but has been overtaken by numerous cities since. The diverse population is really a lesson in tolerance with thirty percent of the population being born outside the U.K. Perhaps it is not so much tolerance as apathy. Londoners aren’t known for their warmth towards foreigners.

London offers entertainment with theatre, music, dance, and films particularly in the west end. Shopping of course is a large draw to individuals visiting London with numerous well-known brands and shops.

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London City Life

From small markets to huge department shops many people are attracted to London by the retail possibilities. Clubs and live music venues are plentiful but once again London is all about diversity. Sports, attractions, cultural spots, and historic locations also provide tourists by the car load.

Buses and the tube are the main way of touring London but a ride on British Airway’s London Eye provides you with a good look at the town by the banks of the River Thames. In just one day you could take in fifty five of the most well-known landmarks in London with just a 30 minute trip on the Eye.

This can be mixed with a river cruise that departs from London Eye Pier to get an even more detailed look at the sights. It is a good idea to do this at the beginning of your journey because seeing the sights from the Eye may help you choose which types you want to see in person and give you a good idea of their location from where you’re staying.

7 Seater Car Hire London

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London Galleries and Museums

London has some excellent museums, and you are able to gain access to many of them without breaking your budget. The National Gallery displays numerous classic paintings, while The National Portrait Gallery displays portraits of many of history’s most well-known people.

The Nationwide Portrait Gallery also has a rooftop restaurant with excellent views. The Tate Britain, and Tate Modern Galleries are all excellent whilst  the Royal Academy of the Arts has been putting on a great summer time exhibition since 1768.

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