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About Bristol

Bristol is a historic seaport in the southwest region of England. Inhabited since the Stone Age, the town received its charter in the mid 12th century and rode the tidal wave of maritime trade during the Middle Ages to become one of England’s largest towns by the 14th century. It served a critical part of history as one of the prime starting points for voyages to the New World.

Bristol is a city of worldwide recognition. In 2009, they were named by Dorling Kindersley as one of the world’s best cities in their famous travel guide. In 2015, the city won the EU’s European Green Capital Award.

There is plenty to do in Bristol. The budget traveler will rejoice in knowing there are numerous free offerings to give you the best visit for the smallest amount of money. There is also a rich art scene that is steeped in street art, numerous historic sites, and fun family activities for those traveling with children.

What to See in Bristol

Ashton Court Estates

This 850-acre estate has two small putt-putt golf courses, a mansion, deer park, miniature railway, and an abundance of nature trails. Bonus: this attraction is free!

Oldbury Court & Snuff Mills

A beautiful place to spend a day outdoors, this attraction has an arboretum, kid’s playground, and extensive lengths of hiking trails – both through the woods, and by the river. Pack a picnic to make a day of it.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

This iconic landmark is world famous. Designed in 1831 by architect Isambard Kinston Brunel, it wasn’t finished until 1864. As one of the world’s most recognized landmarks, the suspension bridge is not something to miss.

Banksy Walking Tour

Some of famed street artist, Banksy’s most famous pieces make their home in Bristol. Spend the day walking in downtown to see them all.


This enormous building – once a warehouse – is now home to an exhibition of independent film making, digital media displays, and other technologically artistic ventures. It is in the heart of the harbour district.

Bristol Zoo Gardens

Spend the day admiring various species of wildlife in the quaint Bristol Zoo Gardens. This is the perfect afternoon destination for families with children of all ages.

We The Curious

An exciting offering of scientific exploration. The science centre features numerous hands-on discovery stations that will delight the whole family, from youngest to eldest.

Bristol Aquarium

The aquarium features an extensive, colourful collection of marine life both from the British coast and exotic places beyond local shores.

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What to Do in Bristol

Whether you enjoy being outdoors, or spending your time inside, there are plenty of activities awaiting you in Bristol. An abundance of street art and festivals gives you something to see or do around every corner. Treat yourself to a spa day, or go hiking, picnicking, or shopping.

Local Cuisine

The local cuisine in Bristol is based strongly on independent eateries who utilize locally sourced foods. Alongside organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables, you will find ingredients like lamb, cheese, cider, beef, seafood, creamy sauces, and an assortment of breads and pastries.
Bristol’s microbreweries are gaining a name for themselves as well, with many new craft beer pubs that are well worth visiting.

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