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Search for a cheap people carrier hire Manchester Airport quote. We have lots of great cars in the 5, 7 and 9 seater class available to rent at Manchester Airport as well as at city and nearby locations.

Manchester is a big city and navigating it can be tough, unless you know how. We’ll help you with that. Today, we’ll give you a Manchester Airport guide on how to rent a car.

We’ll then provide some tourist sights to explore. Check the out the list below, and start your vacation planning!

People Carrier Hire Manchester Airport

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Manchester Airport has an online shop. You can get many consumer items there, from cosmetics and wines, to tech equipment and sunglasses. We highly advise exploring that shop before travel. You might find something you like or need.

As for food, Manchester airport has an ordering app. It’s called Grab, and you can download it from App Store or Google Play! You can buy any item you need, and then pick up what you bought at the exit terminal!

If you do choose to stay at the airport (for whatever reason), know that other excellent amenities are available. The airport has unlimited Wi-Fi with an open buffet so it’s accommodating for those waiting for a friendly pick up!

7 Seater Car Hire Manchester Airport

As with many of its services, Manchester Airport lets you hire a car online. There are 8 major car hire providers, all highly rated. Plus, there’s a wide selection of cars you can get. You can rent small/economy cars (for single persons and couples) or you can opt for large/estate/people carrier cars (7 and 9 seater for large families and travel groups).

You can search for prices from all of these firms using our cost comparison booking engine. Check out our cheap people carrier hire UK offers and save.

You get to choose between a “pickup” and a “drop off so you can receive your car at a different location from the airport (possibly a hotel). It’s excellent for travelers who are too exhausted to drive. That way, you can take a day to rest before driving around!

Take a look at our minibus and van options if required.

What if I Want to Pick Up at the Airport?

Then do so at the Car Rental Village. It’s right outside the airport. It’s a few minutes of walking, and you can quickly get a car for use! Also, some free terminal buses can bring you there so again, you can use this if exhausted.

Reaching the City Centre

Most travelers head there by bus but as a rental car driver, you need directions. The city centre is located to the North East of the Airport. You can use your GPS to get there. The distance from the Airport to the City Centre is about 20 minutes, or 8 miles.

It may take you even longer depending on the time of the day. If you do plan on exploring the city anyway, you need a GPS. It gives you more travel independence, and saves you time!

There are many places you can visit in Manchester.

(1) National Football Museum

The UK is known for its love of football, and Manchester is one of its biggest football locations.

There’s a museum there that opens at 10AM. It has over 140,000+ items, a skill testing simulator and a kid’s play zone! It’s a must-visit for any football fan.

From the airport, this museum is 23 minutes away (11.1 miles), and you get there via the A5103.

(2) John Ryland’s Library

This library contains some of the world’s rarest books and manuscripts. If you’re a specialist researcher (or prolific reader), you can head there.

You can also get there via the A5103, where its 20 minutes away from the airport.

(3) Old Trafford

75,000+ seats, and it’s quite close to the airport.

It’s a 9 minute drive via the A56!

Final Tip

Manchester is a big city. There’s a lot to see. The previous list gives you some popular sites to visit but do note, this barely scratches the surface of what the city offers. Make sure you do some research before travelling. Compile a list of places to visit and have a fun time!

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