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Malta Guide

Malta is a southern European island country situated in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located approximately 80 kilometres south of Italy, 280 kilometres east of Tunisia, and 333 kilometres north of Libya. This gives it a very central location which would make an extended traveling adventure for 2+ countries very possible.

Historically, Malta’s central location made it a very important naval centre for the nearly ten different civilizations which have conquered it. Each of these has contributed small pieces to what is now known as modern Maltese culture.

Today, Malta’s beaches are the main tourist draw – as it is with most island countries. There are also plenty of natural areas to explore, as well as historic sites of great significance. There is something for every traveler to enjoy when visiting this gorgeous island.

Grand Master’s Palace

This huge building is so named because it was previously an important residence of the Grand Masters of the Knights of St John.

St John’s Co-Cathedral

Construction began on this cathedral in 1578, using plans designed by the architect Geroramo Cassar. The interior is designed in a 17th century baroque style unique to Malta. Inside is a huge painting of John the Baptist done by Caravassio.

National Museum of Archaeology

History lovers will enjoy the broad range of archaeological finds on display. Among them are stone tools that date as far back as 5200 BC, Phoenician amulets, and prehistoric figurines.

Ggantija Temples

A UNESCO world heritage site, the name literally translates to “giant temples”. These two megalithic temples which pre-date the famous Stonehenge, are impressively large, and in considerably great shape. They include walls that span over six meters high and encompass more than forty meters in total land area.

Hal Saflieni Hypogeum

This ancient subterranean necropolis was discovered in modern times and is quite impressive in that it spans 500 square meters – fully carved out of solid rock more than 5000 years ago. The bodies, of which there were over seven thousand discovered, appear to be from the years 3600 through 3000 BC.

Ghar Dalam Cave and Museum

The caves themselves encompass 145 meters inside the Lower Coralline Limestone. The lowest portions of the cave have been the site of important archaeological finds. Most notably are the excavations of prehistoric animals, all of which are of European origin. The museum has some of these on display. The caves are also the site of the oldest recorded human habitation of Malta, which dates to an incredible 7,400 years ago.

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Things to Do

In addition to typical shopping experiences, in-town walking expeditions, spas, and eateries, there are a lot of outdoor adventures awaiting Malta tourists. Hiking, climbing, picnicking, nature photography, sunbathing, swimming, boating, parasailing, scuba diving, and other water sports are just a few examples.

Local Cuisine

Malta’s local cuisine shows influence from many diverse cultures, as well as a natural reliance on several types of seafood and locally available produce. Common ingredients you may expect to find in Maltese dishes include olives, sausage, bread, tomatoes, mint, onions, sheep’s cheese, anchovies, and fish.