People Carrier Hire – 7 Seater Car Hire

Find a cheap People Carrier Hire deal today. We provide a superb range of 7 seater car hire offers as well as larger people carriers. Whether it’s an MPV, Minivan or Minibus, we have got the perfect rental for you.


Are you planning a holiday with a big extended family or group of close friends? Three things that should be considered first when hiring a people carrier or minibus are –

  • Amount of luggage?
  • How many people?
  • Special requirements of any travelers?

There is occasionally a temptation when making holiday plans to cut corners as much as possible.  You might be considering what can I get away with?

Do I really require that much room? Could most of the family share? and can I get away with a budget car hire?  – maybe you can.

People Carrier Hire|7 Seater Car Hire FAQ

Can anyone with a valid licence drive a 9 seater car?
Yes, as long as you have had a driving licence for over 2 years
Can I drive a 12, 15 or 17 seater minibus?
It depends on the country where you plan on renting. You may require a PCV license. It's important that you note the differences between this and the D1 licence. Always read the terms and conditions of each rental very carefully. You must not be receiving payment for driving.
Is is possible to hire and drive a 9 seater car in Europe?
Yes, but this is likely the largest capacity vehicle you can hire on a normal driving licence. Keep in mind that depending on where you are from, you may need an International Driving Permit
When counting seat numbers, is the driver included?
Yes, for instance a 7 seater car hire will almost always have 3 back seats, 2 in the middle and then the two front seats. One front seat is of course used by the driver
Is there a preferred day of the week to get a cheap car hire deal?
No, the best thing you can do is try to arrange your car rental at least 3 months before you need it.
So the prices will increase as the date draws nearer?
Generally yes, however it's ceratinly not impossible that the price could drop. If the car is not been used then it's not making money.
Should I clean my MPV before returning it?
You don't have to go overboard but you should certainly make sure not to leave the car in a mess. A quick clean out will generally do the job.
Will I save some cash if I arrange a people carrier hire for airport pickup?
Probably not but the advantages are well worth considering. There is a much better selection of rental cars available at the airport plus you save on the cost of paying for extra transport from the airport.

MPV Hire

Prepare in advance. Take into account how much luggage and how many passengers you’ll have. Think back to previous trips away. Was there enough room? Was everybody comfy? Were their frayed nerves at times? A full size MPV hire may be exactly why you need.

I’m certain many of us have bad memories of family trips where everybody was miserable and squashed together with suitcases crushing your legs and the children complaining non stop. We also offer the option of a cargo van.

Cars which are currently popular with our customers include the:

  • Renault Grand Scenic
  • SEAT Alhambra
  • Citroen C4 Picasso
  • Ford Galaxy
  • Volkswagen Touran
  • Ford Transit and Tourneo
  • Vauxhall Vivaro

7 Seater Car Hire

Occasionally the number of travelers may be the only thing looked at, but if you are bringing a lot of suitcases with you on lengthy drives, you will want to be comfortable.

7 seater car hire

A 7 seater car rental and a 9 seater car hire are the easiest types of people carriers to find though some locations may have 12 seaters available.

7 Seater Van Hire

A minivan hire may also be a possibility. If you are planning a trip with close friends then an Minivan rental could work out as a low cost option instead of hiring separate smaller cars.

Save Money

There can be significant fuel savings to take into account when everyone travels together. You will find automatic and manual 7 seater car hire self drive options to choose from. A roof rack could be an add-on option worth considering if not already incorporated. This might be especially helpful if bringing sports items with you.

7 Seater Car Hire near me

A question that’s often asked is “Where can I find 7 seater car hire near me?“. Well, unless you live in an extremely remote area, there is a good chance we will have a rental to suit your needs. People often need transport just for a day or so, perhaps to move some items around or help a friend.

Compare Cheap People Carrier Hire Prices Worldwide

We provide people carrier hire in the UK, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Poland, France, Morocco, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Greece and many more locations all over the world. We also offer Minibus hire USA deals.

Renting a people carrier is a popular option all year round so begin searching now regardless of whether it’s Rome, 7 seater car hire Malaga, Dublin, people carrier hire London, 7 seater car rental Birmingham, 7 seater car hire Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Cork, Luton, Bristol, 7 seater car hire Glasgow, Nice Airport, Majorca, Tirana, Dubai or Geneva car rental.

Book your Car Hire 7 Seater early – Choose from multiple airport locations

The best deals and widest choice of vehicles can be found by booking well ahead of time.  A 7 seater car hire Spain deal is an affordable option and with no shortage of cheap flights and accommodation, it can be a great low cost destination for a break.

It’s also very reasonable to eat out making for a budget friendly family vacation. The cheapest reservations are generally made available for airport pickup.

Cheapest People Carrier Hire Quote

9 seater

View our current people carrier hire offers today with a quick quote. Make sure you read the details carefully when considering your options.

Business travelers may also wish to think about renting an MPV as they can be very useful for trade fairs. Extra work can be completed when every member of the company travels together. 8 seater car hire is another option worth considering.

There are so many great locations to choose from including Paris, car hire Carcassonne, Murcia, Fuerteventura car rental, Lanzarote, 7 seater car hire Alicante, 7 seater car hire Faro Airport or anywhere else in the world.

People Carrier Hire Comparison

Most of us can only get away once a year so it’s important to make the most of the holiday. Don’t assume that this type of people carrier or minivan is out of your spending range.

Having many seats at your disposable can be a real advantage when you travel away from home.

Car Hire Excess Insurance

Having insurance for your vehicle is of course very important. Check out our excess insurance offers during the reservation process.

People Carrier Rental in France

France is another popular location for a holiday. Our 7 seater car hire France deals offers great choice at a low cost.  Sometimes it just might be worth paying a little extra for comfort and piece of mind.


If you think you can get away with a budget car hire then go for it as you will know your own situation best.

If you plan on driving a lot with 4 or 5 passengers, you might wish to consider getting an additional driver policy if there are other qualified drivers in your party.

This can take the strain out of those long drives and allow you more relaxation time.

People Carrier Rental – Seven Seater Car Hire

These cars provide space for everyone to stretch their legs and offer air conditioning for lengthy hot trips. Search for a quote and you might be pleasantly surprised by the excellent value on offer when you rent a people carrier.

Sometimes family holidays can be a logistical headache particularly when extended families enter the fray, I think we have all seen Home Alone!

9 seater

A great deal of organization goes into making certain everything runs smoothly. It takes a cool sensible head to be in charge of things and tick all of the boxes before setting off on holiday.

It’s inevitable that everybody may have their personal quirks and eccentricities. Trying to please everybody is really a losing game so it’s essential to let any criticism simply wash off.

Minibus Hire Orlando Airport

These vehicles are available in various sizes and work out at a very sensible cost especially when looked at as a per head cost.

They are available at many major airports but try to book a couple of months in advance of your departure date to save money.

In places such as Orlando you can even avail of 12 and 15 seater minibus hire if necessary. Pick-up and drop-off can be arranged for different locations however it may be more expensive. Compare 12 seater minibus hire Orlando Airport prices or perhaps 15 seater minibus hire Sanford Airport rates.

Some other countries where our services are popular include Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus, Turkey, Malta and South Africa.

8 seater

Popular Car Hire Firms

  • Budget
  • Avis
  • Europcar
  • Sixt
  • Thrifty
  • Hertz
  • Enterprise

Read the details of each car hire offer carefully

When you began searching, you may be a little overwhelmed at the number of people carriers on offer. Read the details carefully and perhaps get quotes from a few different locations if that works with your plans.

You can be sure of a top quality service when hire a people carrier through