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Bologna Guide

Bologna is the largest city of the Emilia-Romagna region, located in Northern Italy. Of Etruscan origin, the city has maintained a very well-preserved historic centre. Included in this is that Bologna is home to what is considered to be the oldest university in the western word, which was founded in 1088 AD.

Today, many people come to Bologna to visit the historically significant sites, and gaze at the amazingly well-preserved architecture from various centuries past. There are also many modern past times like spa treatments, shopping, and exceptional dining to occupy people’s time.


This is an old, compact Roman district that is known for having a very old-world air. You can find market stalls, cafes, delis, and a lot of historic architecture. Walking these ancient streets would make a great afternoon or day trip for all tourists.

Torre Degli Asinelli

These twin leaning towers were built in 1119 and are considered Bologna’s main attraction. Tourists can visit one tower, but the other is closed because it has started to lean too far.

Lamborghini Museum

Take a break from Bologna’s ancient history and soak in the recent history of the iconic car company, Lamborghini. There are many cars on display, including an original 1964 350 GT.

San Colombano Collezione Tagliavini

A beautifully restored church with original frescoes and a medieval crypt, San Colombano is renowned for its collection of musical instruments dating back to the 1500’s (the Collezione Tagliavini). There are random free concerts held here, and photography is welcomed.

Gelato Museum Carpigiani

This museum details the history of Italy’s famous frozen treat (and yes, you can taste some) dating all the way back to ancient times, with information on modern technologies and favourites also.

Basilica di Santo Stefano

This is a church made of interlocking structures. There were originally seven different buildings attached to one another, but now there are only four remaining.

Museo della Storia di Bologna

A must-visit for families traveling with children, this museum features interactive 3D displays that make history really come to life. It details out the last 2,500 years of Bologna history in a mostly chronological format.

Basilica di San Petronio

This is the sixth largest church in all of Europe, and could have, in fact, been even larger. Construction began in 1390 but the church was never completed, as evidenced by sections that are still missing from the façade. With its two great pipe organs, the church played a central role in Bologna’s baroque era leadership in music.

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Things to Do

Besides visiting the many historic sites spread throughout the city, tourists have several other options of ways to fill their days. Shopping is a popular example, as are spa trips, wine tours, and walking tours. Walking tours may be both guided and self-paced.

Local Cuisine

The most popular dishes to hail from Bologna include the famous Bolognese sauce (ragù alla Bolgnese) and tagliatelle, and of course mortadella, which most of the world calls bologna. Common ingredients you may find in local dishes include cured pork (like prosciutto), pasta, almonds, tomato, cheese (cow, sheep, and goat), and varying forms of rice.

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