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Located on a flat coastal plain, surrounded by majestic mountains, you will find the historically-rich metropolitan city of Murcia. Founded over two thousand years ago, this southeastern Spanish city is of Arabic origin, dating back to when Iberian tribes inhabited the area. Evidence of these earliest origins can be found throughout the city, as can periods of Moorish residence.

7 Seater Car Hire Murcia Airport

Murcia is a great place to visit with friends and family all year round. Renting a 7 Seater can be work out really well if you plan on visiting lots of beaches and small towns. There are lots of great models to choose from with Renault, Ford and Opel providing top of the range cars.

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When you think of Murcia, you probably think of water. There are over 200 beaches settled on two distinct bodies of water (the Mediterranean Sea, and the Menor Sea), as well as a major river – the Segura. Historically, of course, it was important to be near water, and this prime location is what the success of this now-bustling city was based on.

Tourists from all over the world are drawn to Murcia for its history, mild climate, fantastic beaches, abundant natural flora and fauna, and delicious local cuisine. World travellers will never be out of things to see or do – some of which we’re going to discuss today.

Places to Visit in Murcia

Church of San Nicola’s De Bari

An 18th century cathedral in the Baroque style. Designed by Fray Antonio de San Jose, the floor is laid out in the shape of a Latin cross.

Monteagudo Castle

An 11th century fortress which has had many purposes over the years – including a border castle, grain store, and prison. In excellent condition, it is located on top of a high hill overlooking the city.

Murcia Cathedral & Museum

The cathedral is from the 18th century and features a 95-meter-tall tower that took over 200 years to build. It features architecture from several different periods. The interior is predominantly Gothic, while the outside is a mixture of Renaissance and Baroque styles. There is also a museum attached to the cathedral, where visitors can learn of its unique history.

Salzillo Museum

Dedicated to the famous sculptor, Francisco Salzillo, the museum features many of his best large sculptures – as well as his infamous crib.

Floridablanca Garden

First planted in the 19th century romantic style, the last original flora (which you absolutely must see) are the large ficus situated just off the central path.

Murcia Archaeological Museum

Home to one of the country’s largest, most complete collections of archaeological items from the Iberian tribes and era. They routinely have educational workshops that can be fun for both adults and children alike.

Vias Verdes

Travel through the breath-taking country side via these abandoned, repurposed railway tracks. You can travel the 48 kilometres by either bike or foot.

9 Seater Car Rental at Murcia Airport

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Things to Do in Murcia

There are also plenty of things to do outside of typical tourist attractions. Ample outdoor opportunities include things like kayaking, sunbathing, swimming, windsurfing, parasailing, and sailing. You can enjoy a round of golf, win some money at the casino, or relax for the day at the spa.


The local cuisine of Murcia is rich in vegetables – most of which are locally grown. These include onion, pumpkin, garlic, tomato, broad bean, chard, potato, thistle, and artichokes, among others. You’ll also find a lot of salted fish, roasts, shellfish, rice, sausage, nuts, and preserves.

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